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Saturday, 22 September 2012


Oh woe is me, I thought I had mended my printer but oh no it had other ideas, in the middle of a project it decided it had had enough, not only chewed everything up but will not spit it out now either.
At least the weather has improved but it is sooooo cold, looks like we may be in for a really cold winter this year. Lots of SNOW! maybe. 
Am really busy in the craft room at the moment must admit lots of dare I say it Christmas projects, but I love the season so, got Christmas carols playing in the background, and it really helps the inspiration.
Thought I might have today off and go out with hubby somewhere but he's playing in a golf match so I'm on my own again, watching unique sweets on tv, if you've never seen this programme its a snapshot of shops selling desserts of all description, they look delicious.
Maybe even inspire me to do some baking, no dont think so will end up eating them, not good for the waist line.
Enough of the random gibbering have a good day and big hugs to all. x

Friday, 21 September 2012

Perfect Craft Day

Well, another perfect day to craft, its raining yet again.
Dont get me wrong I like the rain just not all the time, and a little bit of sunshine thrown in would be nice.
However, I have a lantern to make for my friend and a tree, plenty to keep me busy for a few days as well as doing the cooking, cleaning and shopping etc.
Chat soon, crafty hugs to all  x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Good Morning, I hope you are well, finished my Robo Christmas Tree yesterday, nice, but time consuming if you decorate it as I did. Had lots of positive comments and requests but to be honest wouldn't know what price to put on it.
Also did a Wedding Gift for the Bride a Design by Tina at forevermemories for you a scalloped horseshoe. Lovely design and adaptable for many occasions.
Did hope to do the inserts for some requested Christmas cards BUT the blessed printer now tells me it has a paper jam, cant see anything so its off to the docs for it. Probably will need a new printer unless anyone got any thoughts of what is wrong.
So, of to play will chat later bye for now.x
Craft Robo Christmas Tree  Tina's design Love it.  Gift for the Bride another of Tina's designs

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

 Spellbinder Christmas Trees

Hello Its Lovely to be back

Hello everyone, I have been very busy for a wee while and unable to craft or blog, but I'm now sorted and will upload some cards and projects shortly.
Must just say a huge Thank You to Katy Sue Designs as I won the recent blog hop and gained the wonderful new CD - The Christmas Spirit, can't wait to work with those images. Once again Thank You.
Have been getting to know my Craft Robo as well, had it for a while but really needed to concentrate and find out what it could do.
Also treated myself to a Grand Calibur and must admit I Lurvvvvv it, spent a fortune on dies especially basic ones but they lend themselves to so many opportunities in crafting.
Hope you are well and pain free, if anyone needs a hug here's a big crafty one.
Be back soon, Heather x